Broadcast Technical Consultants

Serving you since 1994

Stu has certifications from the Federal Communications Commission including general radio / telephone operator's license #PT6-16440 and was a former holder of an FCC 1st class license. He is highly accomplished in the tuning and operation of directional antenna systems including working with detuning re-radiating structures or considering such structures in the design of a directional AM station. Besides providing engineering services for clients across the continental United States, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, he has served on panels for the Radio Broadcasters conventions and conferences and served as a resource person for the Georgia Association of Broadcasters.

Stu is married and has one daughter. He spends his free time tinkering with his toys. Stu lives by the motto: "He who has the most toys when he dies, WINS!" He is either working on the Triumph, the Jeep, the Harleys (yes, his wife rides) or his golf swing. He is also an accomplished pilot and has his own plane which allows him to be more flexible and accessible to stations located in rural areas.

Stu graduated from Auburn University in 1971 (Bachelor of Science) and has been involved in the broadcast industry since 1973, as both a station engineer and chief engineer for numerous stations. He began in the consulting business in 1978 and specializes in AM and FM broadcast stations. Presently, Stu is the President of Graham Brock, Inc.

Meet Stuart 'Stu' Graham