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Frequency (MHz) = Frequency (kHz)/1000

Wavelength = 984/Frequency (MHz)

Acreage = (Wavelength/2)/43560

1 Acre = 43,560 Square Feet

Land Requirements for AM Ground Systems

Use the formula at the bottom of the page to determine the approximate amount of land required for the ground system per standard guyed AM tower.  Below are examples of a typical ground system for a single tower and two tower installation.

This is for estimating purposes only and should not be considered "Set in Stone" figures.  The online form below is for up to a 3 tower array.  The calculation is based on STANDARD installations of up to 3 towers, inline only with 90° spacing.  With multiple tower arrays there are too many variables involved to be able to use a standard calculation formula.  Please contactour office for more information.